Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear 16-year-old-me #HAWMC

Dearest one....

The whole world is out there for you to explore and there are many things for you to do. But girl, your time will come. You are at the beginning of your journey....RELAX! You don't have to have it all today. Enjoy getting your drivers license, hanging out with your friends and looking forward to graduation. Be a kid, you will be an adult soon enough!

You asked me if you should get involved in the church down the street or if you should date. My thought is maybe you should work on a firm foundation for your life first...dating will always be there. So yes, join the church, get involved and learn all you can about the Lord. He will guide your life.

Remember there is a time for every thing.  Get your basics out of the way first, finish high school, get involved with your church and the community, learn all you can about food and fitness ~ keep yourself healthy, and then go to college. Then when these things are done, you can think about marriage and children.

Yes plan for your future, but also be sure to add a little fun....travel a little, read, do hobbies, and explore the world. Don't be so future focused that you forget to live each day!

You will have a great future!

Much Love!

Your 50 year-old-me

Keep focused!


  1. But our wisdom aside, there is magic in youthful energy and drive, the need to see, do, and explore. I can just see a teen writing a similar letter to us, 50+ folks urging us to try new things, not to be so settled in our ways, be more adventurous and daring. :)