Monday, April 9, 2012

Keep Calm & Carry On #HAWMC

This morning is my weigh in day. I always approach this day with excitement and trepidation. I know I had a great food and exercise week. I was focused and did all I could. OK except for the little bits of chocolate I had. I call it a was only a serving, but for me, it felt like more. I laugh about this, because a binge for me in the old days would be about 3 servings or more!!

Anyway, when I jumped on, the scale, I was wanting a loss...At first I'm like Lord, just let it be less. When the numbers finally settled I found that I had a 1 pound loss! Down to my lowest weight yet ~ 202 pounds!

Part of me was elated. I got what I prayed for....I got a loss. But for the efforts I put in this week, I have to admit, that I was a little...OK a lot disappointed that it was not more.

For just a second, my mind jumps in to figure out what more I can do. How much less I should eat. How much more I should work out....looking for anything I can do to make a difference, when I got a gentle nudge from the Lord to calm down and pray.

It was at this gentle moment that the Lord spoke to my heart to CALM DOWN and RELAX! He's got this, we've got this and I will reach my goals. Slow and steady, but I will make it. No need to need to do need to finagle...He's got this!!

This moment also reminded me that I need to pray continually for my journey. I always pray for everyone else, but I usually neglect to lift up a prayer for me. I need His strength and wisdom too!

Just like today....not feeling the best - still fighting this cold, and so sore from the Yoga class and the 11 mile bike ride I did yesterday. However, I needed to push through, because this is my training day, for the  1/2 Marathon, and I needed to run 2.5 miles today. So I got on the treadmill and got started and just floundered. Finally I remembered to pray and the Lord gave me the energy to get it done. So glad I did not give up because ~ I FEEL GREAT!!

Do you need to calm yourself from the stresses of the journey? If so, Keep Calm and Pray Continually!

Keep focused!!!!


  1. Excellent to post a ONE POUND loss, Joy! We are always hoping for more secretly, but I will take a one pound loss any day! keep up the great work that you had last week. Enjoy life and stay strong! Michele

  2. Love that keep calm and pray! And GREAT job on a loss!

  3. Needed to read this today - Thank you!

  4. Yay!!! 202 is wonderful my friend. I've found (many times) that my hard work doesn't always show up when I think it should. I'll bet next week you're gonna see even more of a loss. I'm so proud of you.

    Love and blessings!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Joy! Saying a special prayer for you today!

  6. Congratulations on the loss. You're in new numbers now and will be in ONEderland very soon! Good for you.

  7. great job on the's a pound. 3500 calories and the effort you put forth resulted in one less pound on your body. Great job joy. Keep up the good work.