Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Third Person Post #HAWMC

She remembered breaking a chair just like this one. It was a beautiful summer day, skies were blue the air was crisp and fresh. Donning on the best outfit she could find, she felt that she looked as good as she could considering the bulk of her body. Even though her body was quite large, there was just something about the day that helped her forget her struggles with her weight, the pains in her body and the frustration with herself that she can't get the weight under control.

This day was magical. A new family was forming before her eyes. She felt excitement and joy for the young couple. It was if she felt light enough to walk on air.

She got more comfortable in her chair. Feeling like she fit in...she's just like everyone else. When all of a sudden there was this tremendous "CRACK"!!! 

Her chair shifted and she knew that something had gone terribly wrong. As all of a sudden she realized that she had lost her support of the chair. She had broken the chair with her weight.

With the crowd looming all around her, she most certainly could not let on that it was her....her chair that was destroyed!!!

She played her part perfectly and acted as if nothing had happened at all. The reality was, she was in a sitting position with nothing under her supporting her huge body.

Never to let anyone catch on, she sat there with a smile on her face, sweating profusely and straining every muscle in her body to keep the charade up.

The entire ceremony went a painful blur as she smiled on the outside but was crying on the inside.

Yes she knows what this chair means and it spoke to her about her condition.

When she was ready, she began her health and fitness journey.

Never forgetting that chair.

Changing her life forever!!

Never going back!!

Keep focused!


  1. Wow! What catalyst for change! There are so many fears and terrifying possibilities connected to being obese. You described it so well, especially the lovely day and a sense of serenity that was shattered by breaking a chair. It could have been so many of us, and once it was nearly me. As I shifted on a lawn style chair at an event, I heard it crack, and so did others. I got up immediately, embarrassed and fearful that it would go down. Every overweight person's nightmare... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Being obese can be terrifying, because you have to face these things.. and it is so humiliating it can really break a person.

  3. This is a good story with a happy ending. The happy ending is that you took charge of your lifestyle. My brother in law had several too-heavy-for-the-world incidences and those never motivated him to act.