Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stream of Consciousness #HAWMC

Today I look in the mirror and I see a new face! Not only is it a face that is slimmer and younger looking, but it is also a face that has weathered a lot in this lifetime! I was reminded, recently, about being ridiculed as a child because of my weight. You know that day, well maybe some of you don't know, but back in the day, when you had to walk to school in 12 feet of snow, up hill both ways....back then.... when I was a kid, they used to weigh and measure us in school. I was in 6th grade and I was fully developed. I mean fully and I did not look like any of the other girls in my class. They were ALL thin with no boobs. Me, not the case...I already had my woman's body. And when I stepped on the scale, everyone knew that I weighed in at 125 pounds. You should have heard the gasps from the health aide and the kids in my class. So humiliating!

Then all through grade school, I was one of  the two fattest girls in the whole school. The funny thing is....I was a tough Tom Boy so I did not get ribbed too bad for being heavy. I mean I was known to kick some kids butts now and then...when necessary!

Fortunately I was athletic so I was always picked first when it came to picking teams. So having a dense muscular body was not so bad then. But it was the other times that were really difficult!

School dances.....augh!!! Mortifying to be left in my chair, the perfect wallflower...waiting...waiting waiting for someone to ask me to dance. Or the other times when boys were interested in me....well...they were only interested in my boobs. I hated it when they would talk to my boobs!! Pigs! I know...not nice, but geez that was embarrassing.

Have you ever been told....Fatty fatty two-by-four...YOU'RE so fat you can't fit through the door. Augh!

How about my grandma, who just did not like me because I was heavy. So sad!

Growing up....what about the jobs I did not get, the opportunities that were lost, the people who were not interested, and the things that I missed out doing.....all because I was fat!


And I see kids EVERY DAY who are over weight. Some so big they have a hard time moving! Just the other day I saw a kid get stuck in the park jungle jim thing. He was just too big. And he was little kid, he should have been able to fit just fine. So sad.

My goal it to help where I can with the issue of obesity. I would love to help young girls and women who are struggling just like I did. I know how it feels. I'm am currently looking for someone to mentor and help with their journey of health and fitness!

I want to make a difference in this world....can you help me? Together we can change the world. Seek out someone today, to help them on their journey. If each of us, just had one, it would make a huge difference.

Will you join me?

Keep focused!!


  1. This is a great post. I was always big in school too. You are right about things back in the day. We walked to school in horrible weather here in Michigan. They sure didn't care about the wind chill and all that stuff like they do now. You are right about the way the school workers treated us heavy kids. Back then they really were not worried about hurting your feelings!!

  2. You are so caring. I hope you find the person to mentor, or they find you, before too long.


  3. You are making a difference. You never know, a young girl may be reading your blog everyday, but not following or commenting.

  4. Praying that your "someone" to mentor is sent to you and/or you to them. You never know-your blog might already be mentoring someone! I know it inspires me! Why don't you start with your church or even a friend with a young daughter? My neighbor who likes to run started a girls running club with her daughter and her friends. Not only do they run, but they have weekly get together meetings on heathly living, etc. So much you can do-good for you!
    Have a great weekend friend!
    Kara Lea