Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ekphrasis Post #HAWMC

Before I started my weight loss and fitness journey I used to love, I mean LOVE, going to McDonald's to eat. I would go every week and of course, each time I went I Super Sized EVERYTHING!! I at least had a Diet Coke so I'm sure that helped a lot! Whew!!

We went to Mickey D's so often, that my young son said one time. "Ahhhhh Mom!!...McDonald's again? Can't we have some vegetable or salad instead?" I was soooo confused by that....I was thinking..."Hey, who are you and where is my kid!!" Obviously he couldn't possibly be mine, because he would  have to be addicted to fast food just like me, right?

Anyway that did not stop me from dragging my kids there. Makes me so sad to think about it today. You see I took something fun....something that was meant to be a treat and I abused it for them and myself. When we went, it was never a treat. It was just so ordinary. I'm sure my kids were bored out of their minds. What was I thinking?

Then along comes my Grand Baby girls. Because I know what I know, about fast food, I have refused to take them to any place that offers this type of food. So far, after 4 years, I have not gone with them. I made a vow that I would not be that kind of Grandma.

So my little creative mind gets revved up and I'm thinking....Instead of going to a fast food establishment, maybe I could create my own Happy Meal that would include healthy and fun foods!!

 I found this picture to kind of show what I was thinking....

Cute huh?  I don't know what the ingredients really are by looking at the picture, but in my world, they would all be healthy foods ~ Whole wheat roll, turkey, lettuce, Jicama, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fat free cheese. I'm not sure my Grand Baby girls would fall for this, but I think it's pretty cute!

Glad I'm changing my family tree and making smarter and healthier choices for my entire family!!

How about you ~ Are you making life changes?

Keep Focused!!


  1. There are a lot of super cute, uber-healthy food recipes for kids. My kids have always been fruit and veggie addicts, so it's been easy, but they still like making little faces and characters out of the healthy food! it's a lot of fun, I say go for it!

  2. haha how cute is that? :) if you do something like that you'll have to let us know how it goes! Jicama = awesomeness

  3. I used to love it too.. like, so much it's insane, really.

  4. I've made tons of changes and try to eat "real" whole foods. But I have to admit, I also LOVE junk food. Oh how I wish I didn't. I've decided that rather than deny it, I need to accept it and find ways to have my favorites in moderation.

    I love that as a grandma, you're so committed to doing the right thing. My children haven't been so fortunate. Everytime they go to grandma's they get pumped full of junk! If I say anything at all, they get offended. My hats off to you!

    Love and hugs!!!

  5. I have now reached my goal of 120 lbs (I'm 5'3'') and it feels wonderful. All the discipline is worth looking and feeling your best, I have to tell you. My formula is eat when you're hungry (protein, veggie salad, lean turkey, banana really!)and then work hard at whatever you do. I write mystery novels so I'm always working. I do my own housework for exercise breaks (takes a week to finish, but, oh, well). I weigh everyday to stay on track. Hang in there, Grandma!

  6. Cute idea. I think that it is great that you choose not to "spoil" your grandchildren by giving them junk. I believe that some of us view fast food as treats because that's how it was presented to us. By making healthy eating fun, your grandchildren may come to think of their healthy food adventures as treats :-)