Monday, April 23, 2012

Writer's Choice #HAWMC

Today I get to write about whatever I want. So here goes....

Why it's important to me to lose this weight and keep it off...

  • Love being able to spend 7 hours at the zoo with my Grand Baby Girls, walking the whole time and not get tired!!
  • Love that I can without stopping and I even run up hills!!!
  • Love that I can clean my house without stopping!!
  • Love that when I eat something that is not good for me, that I feel sick! Great incentive to stop!
  • Love that I can buy clothes from regular clothe stores ~ Way cheaper than my specialty store!!
  • Love when I do eat chocolate, that I really enjoy it!
  • Love that I've been able to set goals and reach them!
  • Love it now...when I'm exhausted it's usually because I am really busy and living my life...instead of being exhausted because I'm carrying around so much fat!!!
  • Love that every day....I am moving forward to great health and fitness!!
How about you....What do you love?

Keep focused!


  1. I loved what you wrote. I'm going private, so contact me and let me know if you want to have access to my blog. I hope you will!

  2. I love this post! These are all great reasons to lose weight. So much better than an upcoming high school reunion or wedding. These are "forever" reasons!

    Love to you sweet friend!

  3. Yes... awesome list. I LOVE IT! I relate it so much of it. Love buying regular clothes, love getting tired NOT from being heavy, love really enjoying chocolate, love eating foods that make me feel better.... SOOOO much stuff to love!

    Love you friend!

  4. I need to make a list like that too. It is always good to have those reference points.

    BTW, I get sick now when I eat something bad for me too. Surprisingly, I like that too. I'm planning to do a post about it.