Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Health Mascot #HAWMC

Today I get to create a Health Mascot for myself. At first I thought this was a stupid assignment. I mean who cares if I have a mascot or not? What does it mean, how would it benefit me, what’s the purpose? Still don’t know, but I am determined to do this assignment.

Well….my mind just can’t get to creative here, but I’m trying. First thought…I should choose an animal. Of course, I wanted it to be a Lion or Leopard…you know something proud…beautiful...strong…

And of course, even if there were redeeming qualities to some “Larger” animals I would never choose…Elephants, Hippos, or Whales….Just can’t do that at this time.

So I needed some help and I went to the web and selected Stereotype of Animals – Wikipedia…and after reading all the options, I finally made my decision….I decided that I wanted my Health Mascot to be…..

An Ant!

After reading all of the descriptions of the animals, I chose the ant because it is DILIGENT!!!

That’s how I’ve felt about myself during this process of getting healthy and fit. Of all things….I’ve been diligent. And diligence and perseverance is what it’s going to take for me to reach my goals!!!

Do you have a Health Mascot?

Keep focused!


  1. What an odd assignment yet very cool... haha

    I don't know what my mascot would be? I love elephants and they are so slow and steady yet loyal.

  2. I love your new Health Mascot.

  3. Ants are also VERY strong and can carry multiple times their weight! You are an awesome ANT!! I love it.

    I wonder if there in an animal called "Goof Ball" that could be my mascot? ;)

    Take care!
    Did you get all the info for the Hippie Chic? Can't wait to see how that goes!

  4. No, but if I did it would have to be the butterfly because of the process it went through to become something so beautiful...a work in progress...it started out as something ordinary and through metamorphosis became something extrordinary!

  5. So right.

    Ants pull weigh above their weight. They tackle things that look too big and Do It!

    Ants are a great mascot.