Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing with Style #HAWMC

Ack - Here's my post from yesterday. I guess you need to push Publish to finish it. Geez!

Today I get to write about my writing style. I think most of my posts are God inspired. You see, I usually sit down with an idea and then I start writing. when I'm finished I usually end up far from where I thought I'd go. Some times I look back on my writing and I don't even remember writing something. A couple of times I've read someone's blog and they've taken something I've written and I'm like reading away, and thinking, "Hey, this is good!" and I get to the end and I find it was mine. I just love sitting here and watching my fingers fly and the words start to flow. SO cool!

I used to journal with a notebook, but found that I hated my handwriting so bad. So messy! I would slow down so my writing would be readable, but then lose my train of thought because my brain would be filled with ideas and I could not write fast enough to get them out. So glad, I have my laptop now, it make things a lot easier. And boy do I love love love Spell Check!!

Morning time is my best time to write. I always feel fresh and my mind is not so cluttered with the days activities. When I get started with my post, I usually have something in mind before I start and the title comes to me after I've written for a while.

The reason why I write? To share, educate and inspire!

That's my style.,,What's yours?

Keep focused!

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