Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 33 - 7 Month Focus

Went to the gym last night and worked out with my trainer. I was so happy to see her and I was yakking about what's going on, just having a grand ole time. The whole time she's working me like crazy. She has me put my back on a stability ball against the wall and squat down to a sitting position and I'm just chatting away. Then she has me do something else and then back to the wall and ball. Yak yak yak. And finally I'm like, YIKES this is tough!!! She puts me through some machines and then it's time to go out in the hall. That's never a good sign for me. Means out of the comfort zone!!!

So while I'm waiting for her to get her torture equipment, she had me do scorpions (can't even describe these) and then she comes out with a medicine ball. So we do lunges with the ball. All during this time out in the hall, one of my friends is talking to my trainer. They are having a great time chatting, while I'm sweating my butt off. The whole time, my trainer is barking out orders and I'm doing them.

Then we were kind of winding down and then she asks me to do push ups. I ask regular or modified and I am praying for modified, because I have not done a regular push up since high school - that was a loooonnnngggg time ago!!!

Of course...you know what she says, "Regular!" Yikes.

She barks, "Give me 5!"

So not to be embarrassed in front of my friend I get into position and get started and I hear my trainer yelling at me. And I'm like "What?"

And she's carrying on about how amazing I was doing! Great form, strong, looking good etc. Well that's a nice change!

So I get done with my 5 regular and she asks for 6 modified, then 5 regular and 6 modified. Then it was back to the gym. We did a few more weights and then she asked me to do a plank on the stability ball. And I'm like, huh? You may not know this, but I'm not very balanced....but I gave it a try anyway. Success!!! I can do it and do it well!! I'm like bring it on Sister, I can do this!!

So after my torture, I mean my work out, I ask my trainer if when I started with her over a year ago, did she think I would still be working with her today? She just looked at me and said, "No".....then she laughed and said, "Ah NO! No way!: She said she thought I would maybe workout a couple times with her and she would be done. Said that I have made great progress!!  That compliment really made my day!!

So this morning, I'm on my treadmill, doing my regular walk, thinking about whether I want to do a 5k with Margene at http://believingitspossible.blogspot.com/ in June. It gets me kind of excited thinking about it. So I thought I might try running a little. Usually after my workout with my trainer, the next day I take it easy, but I thought what the heck, lets do it. So I was going to do my intervals, 1 minute walk, 30 seconds run etc. So I get to my first minute and I feel great and I decide to go for 2, then 3, and I thought, well lets go to 6 minutes (since I just got to 5 minutes of running a couple of days ago). So I get to 6 and I'm like, I can do this!! So I went all the way to 10 minutes of running without stopping!!! I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! EVER!!! When I hit 10 minutes, I had to stop because I was filled with all of this emotion. (Dumb huh) Anyway,  I'm crying, whooping and hollering and so excited that I did this. I would not recommend crying and sweating at the same time. Can I just say, "GROSS!!!" Anyway, I am encouraged!!!!!

Today, I am meeting Margene (see info above) for lunch. CAN NOT WAIT!!

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: 30 minutes on treadmill, weight training with trainer and 30 minutes on the bike
Steps: 12066
Calories: 1644
Food tracking: Done
Waster: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

How about you, are you pushing yourself?

Keep focused!


    Wow, you're doing great!
    Keep at it! :)

  2. Oh my gosh... you are IRON WOMAN! You would WASTE me girl!!!
    Way to go!! See you at lunch. :)


  3. Wow...you are really one of a kind lady..strong in mind and physically..i need to focus on my weight now..huhu.. i really need more inspiration...right now you motivate me a lot...