Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 36 - 7 Month Focus

Well another day is in the books!! I have to say that I'm a little obsessed lately with the number of steps I take each day. I really want to get this done!! Sorry if I've bored you to tears about it!! But for me, it's setting my mind to something and getting it done. You see, in my past, I've set goals and failed to get them done. Time and time again. Some times I would set them, try really hard, have a tiny bit of success, then a little bit of adversity and then I would stop. Other times, I would set the goal and be all excited about, talk about, then talk some more and get everyone riled up  and excited for me and then I would not even try. Don't you hate it when you are in bed so excited about something, so determined that yes, this time you're going to do it. You think and think and strategize and get yourself revved up and then you are unable to sleep!! Then the next morning, you wake tired and your motivation is gone. Have you ever done that before. I have my whole life and I just hate it!! I don't want to think anymore about things, now I want to get them done!!!

So April 1st, I set my 7 Month Focus goals. I've had success and some adversity, but I'm still focused. And each day, this one part of my plan is a super challenge!! I guess that's why I talk about it so much.

A.N.Y.W.A.Y.....I'm going to talk a little more about it today.....

Yesterday I did fairly well. My hubby and I had our Mother's Day Celebration! He took me to dinner, he even made reservations, brought a wrapped gift with two cards and dressed up for the occasions. (I know, amazing huh? ~ I have a super awesome Hubby!!) Because of the celebration, I planned my calories well, as long as I stuck to my plan, then I would be OK. Except for the server brought this amazing display of desserts to our table and we could not resist!! So we ordered a piece of cheese cake to share. That pushed me over 256 calories. I guess in the whole scheme of things, it's not so bad!

So we get home and I plug into the Bugg and see that I'm am drastically far from my goal. I had only taken 5600 steps for the day. AUGH!!! Can I just say AUGH!?!?!?!?!?!

So once again, I don on my running shoes and start my jogging throughout the house. This time, nobody cares about the crazy women in sneakers. The dogs don't even budge from their bed. Bummer.....No support or rah rah's for me. I'm a lone woman on a quest for steps!!!

So I'm jogging, walking and moving all over the place for what seems like forever! So I go plug in and I'm still short 1500 steps. AUGH!! By this time, I'm frustrated and tired and just want to be done with the whole thing. But still determined to get it done. So I decide I will get on my treadmill and run for a bit.

I start out with my warm up, then I think I'm going to do my intervals. I start out with the first minute, feeling pretty good I push for more time. Before you know it, 5 minutes have passed and I'm eager to push to 10. Once I'm there, I'm thinking well lets try for I go for it. Got that done and realized that I'm close to the 1 mile mark (ME!! Running 1 mile - woo hoo!!!!) Anyway, I decided to go for it and made it in 20 minutes. I know slow...but I ran it without stopping. WOW!!

So I got my steps in and then some and realized that I've got more in me than I think. I think that's most of my I think too much. I should just "DO IT" without analyzing and worrying  and fretting about everything. Because I am capable!! Next goal is to reach for 1 1/2 miles!! I CAN DO IT!

Stats from yesterday:

Exercise: Weights & running
Steps: 12617
Calories: 1856
Food tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

How are you doing? Are you pushing yourself?

Keep focused!


  1. You CAN do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I actully hate to paint! But... I like the results! so I do it! hehe!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. I was happy to read this, because I just got a body media device today. I will start using it tomorrow. BTW--your hubby sounds like a great guy. Glad you were able to have a special dinner.

  3. I find that one f the best ways to get the things that you want done is to make a list and keeo that list posted on a wall somewhere that you will see often. And as you achieve those things, mark them off but keep the same list up until all the tasks a done - its inspiring to see things get ticked off.

    Another thing, when it comes to losing weight, to motivate yourself you have to make things fun and choose things that you LIKE doing. I like rebounding so I rebound. I hate running so I don't run. Stick to what you like and you will get there.