Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 37 - 7 Month Focus - WHAT DID I DO?????

I am an IDIOT!!! Obviously today is not the day for me to be doing anything on my Blog. I've totally messed up my Followers!!!! I thought I was adding someone to my Blog Roll and all I did was just change the name on my follower list and I deleted everything by mistake! Does this mean I am not following you? Augh!!!  Well this system is not very forgiving, it did not even ask me if I really wanted to make that change ~ Like it should have said, "Hey dummy, you do this and it would be bad ~ Do you still want to do it?"....Nope ~ It just did what I told it to do. And right now my mind is so stupid, I can't even remember I how I got you all listed there in the first place. Any ideas? Thank goodness I still have my Blog roll so I can find most of you, but sorry, I've lost the rest......(I just made one...little bitty mistake and I just wiped out everything!! AUGH!!!!

OK after a few minutes away from my computer, some hair pulling, some really deep breathing and assurance to myself that I am not stupid...Well OK a little stupid on some things....Anyway, I tried to think what lesson I could offer, some pearls of wisdom, or some nuggets of truth that I could bring from this experience.  And I think I found one.....Are you ready? Here we go....

This journey all comes down to focus. I mean focus on every little bitty thing. It all matters. Look I made just one tiny change and it changed the whole look of my blog, how it functions, and how I can use it. Just like what we do with our bodies. One tiny cookie, a little bit of candy, a spoon of peanut butter, a little drink of alcohol....whatever it is, it counts. It changes the plan. Our bodies just do what we tell them to do. If we add to many calories, it will accept them and then and will either process them right through or add them to our fat storage. It does not know our intentions, whether they are good or bad, whether we meant to over eat or had justification to do it. It just knows what is. Fewer calories = weight loss...More calories = weight gain. Simple...Right?

If I could have approached my computer with a clear mind and focus, I would have noticed what I was doing and stopped myself for creating any damage. Good thing, I don't know how to delete my blog, because I was not focused and I could have done that and that would have been the end of Nuggets of Truth. Just like when I approach my day with a foggy mind, I make a lot of mistakes and do damage that takes days to repair or recover from. And if I allow myself to be foggy for a long period of time, I will forget my weight loss and fitness plan altogether! This just can't happen. I need to focus!!

This is a good lesson for me, that I need to keep prepared and focused each day. Stuff will still blindside me and I will continue to do stupid things, well that's because I'm me, but the point is, I need to keep focused at all times!! Even on the little stuff. It all matters!!!

Whew who knew I could pull that little nugget out of one simple thing like that?

Stats from yesterday. I had a down day with no exercise.

Exercise: None ~ I barely moved :-(
Steps: 3370 - See! YIKES!!
Calories: 1672
Food Journal: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Keep focused (Even on the little bitty things!!)

OK ~ Is it April Fool's Day? I just went back to my Blog and the followers are back. There were really deleted ~ now they are back ~ I swear!! Woo Hoo I am glad they are back!! No idea what happened!! See I can be really dumb with this stuff!!! Geez!!


  1. Bless you heart! Glad you got your followers back :)

  2. I have read that blogger has been doing some weird things lately, things disappearing, coming back and more. I'm glad it self healed.
    Thanks for stopping by. New week, new challenges. We both will do wonderfully. I have faith in us.
    Take care and God Bless!!