Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 43 - 7 Month Focus

Do you fudge on your stats? I mean, do you shave off a few calories here, maybe not record some there? Do you do things to make yourself look good? Tempted to do it?

I want to!!!

Sometimes my mind creatively forgets about stuff I've eaten.

Such as, yesterday, I made Banana Bread and had a small piece. While tracking my food, I almost did not put it down. Well because, because (My Grand Daughter always says, "Because because...."  when she is explaining things to me. So cute!) I did not have a full piece. I only had the middle part, (the best part) of a piece. So in my crazy mind, I was thinking it did not count. Really?

I was  really thinking about not recording it. Does not matter whether I think it counts, because because my body sure does!! So in the record books it goes.

Oh....I also had to record the 3 small pieces of pizza I had yesterday ~ they also counts. Sometimes I wonder where my brain is, most of the time.

We had our Son and Son in Law, Daughter and Grand babies over yesterday, so I thought I would "treat" them to pizza. I tried to set myself up, so I would not over do, but was not successful. I did have 3 pieces of pizza. However.....they were quite small, which is good.....but it was still 3 pieces. One would have been sufficient!

So we get done eating and I'm on the couch, watching the babies, cuddled in my blankie (I am so a blankie girl ~ Love them) Anyway, my Daughter says, "Let go for a walk!". (Happy face........)

I'm like "OK" through gritted teeth.....So off we go. On the walk, I was telling her that I was unhappy with myself for eating too much. And she says, "Well mom, you could have served a healthier option". Humph! So I say, "I was just showing my "love" language to my family." And she says, "Pizza does not show us love." Well Ouch!!! Huh?

Pizza always made my heart warm and fuzzy......but it does not do the same for them.? Well now what?

I have to get over the fact that food does not show love. Food is food only - something we need to nourish the body. That's it....that's all it's for! Well it is pleasurable, but it's really to fuel the body.

I would have probably shown  my family more love, if I had prepared a healthier dish and then gone outside to do something together. Instead of us all retreating to our own place, because our bellies were too full of Pizza.

Hummmmm.......Food is not love....Food is not love....

I will have to work on this!!

Stats from Yesterday....

Exercise: 5 mile walk with Daughter. She made me pay for the pizza :-)
Steps: 13448
Calories: 2190
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Do you show love with food?

Keep focused!


  1. You made the bread! I hope you did like it :)
    Sounds like a light bulb moment with your daughter, yeah :) Next time, you guys can have a healther option or just healthy up that pizza!

  2. Sometimes I do still show my love with food, but I'm trying to get better. When my kids had a big event, like opening night for a play I used to get them some yummy bakery item. This last week we made a big sign for our son, bought some balloons, and just attached a small candy which he shared with his theatre buddies. I try and get my daughters flowers when they perform. Now if I could just get grandma to do the same. :)

  3. Hi, Joy!
    I have to admit that I did not track well for several months. Now that I am tracking calories I discovered that I was probably over my cal. budget by 500 calories per day (exactly enough to maintain and not lose). So, good for you for tracking everything, even when temptation suggests to skip it. All those little extra calories add up.

    Thanks so much for telling me about your biking story. My hubby is also competitive. He does not have a road bike, yet. But, I already know once I go faster than he does that he will be the first in line to get one.

    Stay strong and thanks again for all your support!

  4. Have I ever shown love with food? Sure, and sometimes I cringe at how I did it. The perfect example was giving some sweets to my then girlfriend who was upset - because someone said she was big! Yes, I did see the irony immediately.

  5. Thanks for shearing your own views.