Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 40 & 41 - 7 Month Focus

Did not get to write anything yesterday, due to Blogger having the system down. I usually have about a half hour each day to write and read blogs. Not a lot of time. Once again, yesterday was a jammed packed day. Very stressful!! For a week now, I have been dealing with computer problems. All I did was switch our phone & Internet system, at work, from one provider to another. That's it!! But it effected our entire system. Email, fax, copy machine (scanning) and phone system. One thing would happen and then it would just snowball to the next thing. It never ended all week. Then yesterday, when I went to do my blog and found out that the system was down, I about lost it!!! phones...remote controls...LOVE THEM.....HATE THEM!!!

I have to say, by the end of the day yesterday, I was not my usual joyful self. I really just wanted to hurt someone.....or eat a bunch of chocolate!!

But instead, I went back to my new way of living and thought up some things I could do to avoid hurting others or myself. So I called Margene to see how she is doing and to let her know that I'm going to do the Starlight 5k with her. I am really excited about that!! Hopefully my daughter will join us. Should be really fun!

Then I went to the nursery to pick up some plants. Just walking into the place, I could feel my blood pressure return to normal and I began to relax. My creative mind was going crazy with all of the possibilities. I think my eyes are bigger than my yard, which is as big as a postage stamp. Can I just say...Tiny! I got some Daisies - don't they just make you smile? And I got some Petunia's, Alyssum, Geraniums, Coleus, Asparagus Fern, Wandering Jew and some reeds (don't know what they are called). Everything is Red, White or Blue, and well green :-) So tomorrow is planting day. Can't wait!

Before Blogger went down, I was going to write about what happened on Thursday. I have to say, that I'm really disappointed in myself. As I am going through this journey, I am trying really hard to keep everything together. Before I started my health and fitness plan, I was fairly busy. Then adding the extra time for exercise, journaling food, blogging etc, plus all the other new things I've added to my life, lets just say, I am REALLY busy!!!

With that said, sometimes, I get behind on my house stuff. I mean everything gets done, but it's usually done in a frantic, crazed fashion and always last minute. So for over a month, I've had on my calendar a note to remind myself to sign up for a row class and every day I've been rescheduling the task, always thinking...that I have time. Well my time ran out. When I finally decided to sign up for the class, I realized that it started on 5/10/11 and I missed it. The boathouse website advised that if you missed the first classes, you should wait until the next one. Bummer!

Oh...the other thing about taking this class at this time is.....the class time starts at 5:30pm ~ totally doable!! Unfortunately the next class time, that starts 6/22 is 5:30AM!!! Yikes. Not only is the start time early, but it takes a half  hour to get to the water and that does not include getting ready and or parking. Can I just say  YIKES!!! Means I have to be up by 4:00am to make this happen. Wow! Good thing the class is only 2 days a week!

Anyway, in order to take the class I have to do a 20 minute swim test - which I will get done this next week or so. Then they have a free class on 6/4 in the morning (same day as the 5k - I'm going to be tired!!) Does not matter. I really want to do this and I'm going to make it happen!!!!

I guess that's it for now. Nuggets of truth in all ready for your schedule and health and fitness plan to be shook up ~ have a back up plan. Be ready for stress and frustration ~ it's going to happen ~ be ready!! Look for beauty when you are in a mess! Don't procrastinate!! It could mean less sleep or worse! Be open to meet new friends ~ your life will be Blessed! Stretch yourself ~ You will be amazed how far you will go!

How about you...Got any nuggets to share?

Keep focused!


  1. I was totally bummed about blogger going down yesterday too. All evening I craved chocolate, but I never made the connection. There was no chocolate in the house and I don't go out just to buy stuff when I'm like that, so no chocolate. Now, I'm scrambling to get caught up on my blog reading.

  2. It annoyed me when Blogger was down - and then it seemed that it lost two of my posts, which I'd spent a lot of time on...thankfully they reappeared after a while!
    I have to write food journals for the clinic that I'm going to and I always say that no wonder people lose weight while journalling - they have no time to eat!! haha

  3. Blogger has been driving me bonkers ! I lost 2 posts also grrrr! mine didn't reappear! sniff!

  4. How fun to go pick out flowers! I don't even know the names of flowers... wish I did. That sounds fabulous to plant and see them all colorful. I'm so excited that you (and your daughter possibly) will be running the 5k with me. It's going to be so awesome! Bummer about the computer problems. Wow, and that is an early time for class. But I can see you are committed and it will be fabulous!! You are an amazingly strong woman!

    Talk to ya soon.
    God bless,