Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 50 - 7 Month Focus

Thanks to all who commented yesterday. I was having such a hard day and your love and support helped me make it through.
Today is a better day!!

Going to talk about some random stuff....

Stuff about me...
  • On Sunday, I went through my closet again and weeded out all of the clothes that do not fit me. Kind of bitter sweet, because now I'm starting to get rid of my skinnier clothes. I am sad because some of the things I REALLY like. Oh well, off to the Rescue Mission they go.
  • Last night I had my session with my personal trainer and some very scary thoughts started to creep back into my mind. She wanted me to do these push up things on a workout bench. I had to put the palms of my hands on the bench, by legs straight out on the floor, crossed at the ankle and then she wanted me to lower and raise my suspended hiney up and down. Like some sort of strange  push up. Well OK I can do that, but here's the scary part, she was on the same side of the bench with me and she wanted to do it together. First of all, being a former fatty, OK I'm still fat, but former morbidly obese person I started to worry that we would break the bench or we would topple it over. Nope...we both did it without any problems. Bench in tact!! Whew!
  • Feeling so much better today. I have hope, energy and excitement for this new day!
Other stuff...
  • What are your thoughts about Aspartame?
  • How come I can never spell the work probably. I use this word frequently and I always get it wrong. Makes me crazy!
  • Thinking about doing a Summer Bucket List again. It was quite successful last year and I got a lot of things done. Might work on that today!
Stats from Yesterday...

Exercise: Weight training, 15 minutes treadmill & 30 minutes bike
Steps: 11995
Calories: 1809 (Augh!)
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100 oz
Blog: Done

How about you....are you hitting your goals?

Keep focused!


  1. A summer workout Bucket List Sounds FUN! :)

  2. I am hitting my goals, especially with exercise. My weight loss is going okay too, but still hoping to clear that thirty pound loss mark. I really stalled for a while. I am hoping the scale will go down soon!

    I like the idea of a summer bucket list. I might do it too.

  3. I like the idea of a summer bucket list too!
    You spelled probably correct :) I can never spell definitely definately LOL

    aspartame is bad bad bad...it's one think I'm working on getting out of my life!