Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 49 - 7 Month Focus

I am in such conflict with myself. I am kind of driving myself crazy! This is the 23rd of the month already. And each day of the month, I only have, six things I need to focus on, for my health and weight loss goals, and as of today, I have hit those goals, all of them, only 8 days. Please note: For the most part, I hit most of the 6 items each day, it's just that the point of the challenge is to hit them all - EVERYDAY! (Better than last month, I only hit all of my goals 5 days for the entire month!)

This is supposed to be a "FOCUS" challenge. I am supposed to be putting my energy into those 6 most important things. Yet I am all over the place....worrying and fretting about everything else....except for my goals.

Now why am I doing this? When I take my eyes off of my goal and try to fit in too many things, then I get really upset with myself, as well as wear myself out. Like today...I don't want to do anything....

Obviously my head is not in the game......How do you get your head into the game. What do you do?  I know for me weather plays a big part. Last year we had more sunny days. It really helps when I know the sun is up, I spring right out of bed at 5:00 and get started. This morning, I could barely drag it out at 6:30!!!! That is so late for me! Plus sunny days gives me hope and drive to push through. It's been so rainy and cloudy lately, so I have not been able to get any motivation from the weather.

Then hearing about the tornado last night, here I'm whining about rain....Geez I have a house to live in and all is well. I'm complaining about rain.

Then I'm whining about not having energy and feeling tired and I have all of my limbs, no serious ailments, a good mind (well it works anyway), a great support system at home, good food, all the tools I need and a personal trainer - I have no excuses not to get this done!!

And I'm still having trouble getting my head in the game.

Do you struggle with this? How do you get it turned around?

Keep focused!


  1. Awww joy, don't be so hard on yourself! We all have those moments that things seem bleak, and having dreary weather doesn't help. Even if your thoughts are about not being in the right frame of mind for weight loss, you are still thinking about weight loss. Its when weight loss is the last thing you think about that you're in trouble, when it no longer bothers you is when you're done. Hold on to even the thoughts you have now, because as long as you have them, there's hope. I hung on for over a YEAR to excuses and even some self pity, but they were like buoys, that kept my head above water until I could fight for myself again, and its just starting to happen. Never give up. Its all going to click. It is! (hugs)

    PS - I've missed you : ))


  2. I think we all struggle from time to time. I know I sure do. It's just the nature of life and being human. We're not perfect. I guess that's why I try to keep my goals more broad and long-term rather than trying to hit several goals every day. I think if I did that I'd feel terrible about myself because the likelihood of me hitting them all everyday would be slim. But taking a step back, looking at the long-term goals and how I've done over the course of weeks or months gives me a different perspective. I've only lost 11 pounds since the holidays, and I'm sure by some peoples standards that's not very impressive. But I know in my heart that I've made so many other gains that could never be measured by a check list. The same is true for you. You're an amazing woman!

    I love you my friend and am always so inspired by you. I just wish I could be there with you and Margene when you do the 5K...wouldn't that be fun?

  3. I absolutely struggle. But I often think exactly like you. You are mentally and physically able to do so. I have a friend who lost his wife at 38 with 2 little ones. So when I'm feeling like I'm too tired in the middle of the night, I remind myself she would have given anything to be up with a cranky kid.

  4. I can really relate. It seems to me that when I feel this its been after a couple of days of non-stop going and giving of myself (not a bad thing!) I usually have this when its been my weekend to play piano at church (4 services) and I am exhausted and drained. I feel guilty about not wanting to do anything and usually think "what is wrong with me"? I am learning that I need time to recharge and that it's ok to do NOTHING for a day or two. I also believe in the long run you are taking care of your bodies needs and will be able to get going again once you've gotten the rest that your mind and body requires. You may need to send this message back to me to remind me in a few days!!! I am praying for you! You cant burn the candle at both ends all the time!

  5. What I do is think about how far I have come. Like now, almost a year behind me, but still 40 pounds to go. I focus on what I have done and what I can do that I could not before. it helps, me, Joy. I don't want to go back. I know you don't either. Keep in mind how far you have come. You have come so far. Michele

  6. It's about finding what it is that re-charges you. At least for me. We may think a certain thing recharges us but then we aren't recharged. For me, I have to have something to aim for... like the carrot in front of me that keeps me moving towards it. The more I want that carrot, the more I push to reach it. Sometimes that carrot has to change to something new to get me going. Cloudy weather does not help. But just keep pluggin' away as you are and you will find that momentum again. Keep moving forward. That's what we all gotta do. :)


  7. I struggle with this ALL. THE. TIME. You just have to get comfortable with dusting yourself off and getting back at it again. Every little helps. Maybe you need a challenge to work towards? Sign yourself up for an event or a class maybe??

  8. Don't do what I do!

    Don't stop blogging.

    Don't miss your planned walk or work out.

    Don't eat cake.

    Don't take a day off and let it become a month or two or even a year.


    Well yes,
    They were meant to be kind of humerous
    But sadly they are true.

    Keep smiling.

    I think I need to learn to wake up with a smile and put my walking shoes on first thing.

    Nothing like a walk first thing in the day.
    Great for prayer and meditation.
    Wear pink not blue, or black or grey.

    I'm not trying to help, just commenting.