Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 42 - 7 Month Focus

Had a really busy day yesterday ~ I was on the move!!! Felt like I was super focused on my goals for the day, but missed them just a little.......

Exercise: Did it - 40 minutes on the treadmill
Steps: Got in 9219 - Oh so close! Needed 10,000
Calories: 1727 should be in the 1600's
Food tracking: Done
Water: Got in 80 oz - Should be over 100 oz
Blog: Done

I did burn 3279 calories and took in 1725 with a deficit of 1554 calories for the day. Not too bad!

Kind of successful day!?!

Today my hubby gets home from his 4 day Men's Retreat with our church. I have really missed him!! We were going to spend the day in our yard. I was going to plant my little flowers and he was going to help me with our fountain. We have a very small pool with a bubbling fountain - makes the greatest sound ever!!! But we will not get to do any of this,'s raining.....again! Geez I want to move to the desert. So sick of it! I should not complain, could be so much worse....I know....I know!!!

Has spring arrived in your area?

Have a great day and stay focused on your plan!!


  1. I think we skipped spring and went to summer lol Hope you get to garden soon!

  2. We awoke to quite chilly temps for us and...rain. At least we aren't flooding like last year.

  3. Today we had sunshine and 60*. Been a very long time since we've had sun, been raining and cold all spring.
    Mike, my son, is going to make me a fountain this spring. Or at least going to work on it.
    Take care Joy and have a blessed evening.

  4. Have you heard of the walk with walgreens program? I signed up this week and thought of you. Basically you sign up,then log your steps each day and earn coupons! I am logging my runs, since I dont use a pedometer, but since you log everyday you could rack up some good coupons :)

  5. Spring is here - with LOTS of rain! The grass looks awesome but I might need a goat or cow to eat it since I can't cut it!
    Good for you for staying on track!