Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 44 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was a tough day. I was very tired. I woke up kind of ready to go, got my work out clothes on and was not able to get on the treadmill. Just too fatigued! I finally got myself to work and had a really hard time focusing. When I am tired, fatigued and/or stressed, I feel the symptoms of the Hemi Facial Spasms. It's a lot of pressure in my head (like a tension headache), facial twitching and a feeling in my head that I cannot explain. It's one of those feelings that I get, that tell me, you've over done it!! You better rest!

Well yesterday was my day to see my trainer. I was so determined to get to the gym. So after work, I headed my car in her direction and finally realized that I could not make it. You see I have limitations!!

I don't know if this problem is a Blessing or a curse. My body, especially my head, lets me know when I've pushed myself too far. If I don't get enough rest, power through too many days, and if I don't eliminate stress, my body tells me by effecting my head.

You know I don't want this limitation right now. I want to go and do. I don't want to retreat back into my house to rest. Not now ~ I've got things to do!!!

So it makes me wonder if I will ever get to realize the dreams I have. Maybe I will get there, just not all at once and not all right now. Seems I've put my life on hold for so long, that now that I feel better in my body and can move it, I want to do everything. Cram as much in a day that I can. The reality is....I am limited ~ I need to take care of myself. I need to listen to this body and when it says rest, I need to do it.

So last night, I rested. I feel a whole lot better today. Just a small sensation in my head. I have energy and was able to get on my treadmill. Ahhhhh!!!!

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: Rest
Steps: 3855
Calories: 2007
Food tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Another reason to listen to my body, when I'm tired, I cannot make my goals!

How about you...does your body let you know when you need rest?

Keep focused!


  1. Yes, there are days when I just don't think I can and don't do it. But on those days I force myself I feel great and so happy I did. But we have to listen

  2. Frustrating, I know, but listen to your body! My back is "out" right now and I know the frustration of a body that won't cooperate. KOKO!

  3. One of your goals needs to be getting adequate rest. You're such a go-getter in everything you do (which I love about you by the way) that you end up over doing it. You need rest my friend...we all do. Don't feel bad that you didn't make your goals for the day because there was something else you needed even more. Be good to yourself and think about adding rest to your list of goals.

    Love and blessings my friend!!!

  4. you know, God kept Paul humble by leaving a thorn in his flesh...I think God does that with each of us, so we won't forget him. Like you always say. 'stay focused' and you will Get to where God wants you.