Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 37 - 7 Month Focus

I had an absolutely fabulous Mother's Day!!! Friday night I had a wonderful dinner, gift and cards with my Hubby. (We celebrated on Friday because he works Sundays) Then on Sunday, I slept in late, did a few things around the house, got a pedicure with my daughter, then went to lunch with my daughter and son, talked with our oldest son, who lives in Washington and his wife, talked to all our mom's and received many test messages and phone calls wishing me a great day. Plus everyone pitched in and got me a Kindle. So excited about that!!! I think this Mother's Day was the best one ever!!!

This past weekend was not the greatest for moving around. Saturday I got in only 3370 steps and yesterday 1672 steps. That is barely moving. Part of it was I put in a lot of effort last week and by Saturday I was plain worn out and super sore!!! I'm hoping my endurance and stamina will increase with time. I would like to get in all my steps everyday. Maybe it's unrealistic, but I'm shooting for it anyway!

Got another jammed packed week ahead. I am planning on hitting my goals and getting everything done!

Stats from yesterday...

Exercise: None
Steps: 1672
Calories: 2085 - WOW!! We went to Olive Garden and I planned my meal, but could not stay out of the breadsticks. Vile evil things!! They are sooo good. Especially if you have not had bread like that in a while!! Yum!!
Food tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Over all had an OK week. Looking forward to making stuff happen this week!

How about you....are you motivated?

Keep focused!!!

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