Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 34 - 7 Month Focus

I am really determined to make my goals every day!!! I realize, I am not perfect.....and I realize that life happens and sometimes you just can't get done what you want. I totally get that. However, if I even have a chance to make my goals....I'm going to do everything I can to get it done!!

Yesterday I was super fatigued! I was thinking about going to my stability ball class, but my ole body was just too tired! I was simply worn out!!

When I got home, I ate my dinner and sat, for just a my hubby's chair. (You know it's the most comfortable one in the house!!!) Anyway, I'm sitting there, the TV's on, I'm warm and cozy and I have my two dogs Bentley (He's a Shih Tzu) and Beemer (He's a Maltese) laying between my legs sleeping. I could not have been more snug as bug then that!! And of course, I fell asleep!

So I'm sleeping away and all of a sudden I wake up with a start and my heart is racing. Well mostly because I can't figure out what's going on....anyway, I realize it's 7pm and my hubby was due home by 8pm and I had a lot to do before he got home.

So I released the chair and my dogs go flying and then it's a total blur of activity!! First thing I do is I plug in my Bodybugg (which I LOVE!!) and realize that I am short on my steps. I am at 6400 and I need 10,000 to make my goal. Seems like such a long way to go!!! But I AM DETERMINED to get to 10000 steps!!

So I'm running around the house, arms and legs a flying! I'm doing dishes, folding and putting away laundry, picking stuff up. The whole time with a water bottle between my teeth, because I'm short 24oz for the day. Soon, I'm done with that. I am sure I looked ridiculous running up and down the stairs with stuff in my hands and this water bottle stuck to my face!

Anyway, my little dogs have no idea what's going on. They are chasing after me the whole time! I like to have my home a haven for my hubby when he comes home. So I always turn on our curio cabinet lights. I also turn on my Christmas tree....ahem.....Yes...I have one up all year long. I just change the decorations for whatever holiday we are in. Right now it's decorated for Easter. I will be putting up my garden tree, hopefully this weekend! A.N.Y.W.A.Y...To set the mood right, if it's cold I turn on our fireplace and light all the candles. He works really hard, so I like for him to come home to comfort. The other thing I do, is when it's close to the time of his arrival, I sit in our front room on the chair and wait for him. Then when he arrives, I go to the door and the dogs and I fling the door open for his arrival. Dorky huh?

So last night, I only had an hour to do my little chores, set the mood in my home and get in over 3000 steps. So I'm scurrying away and I get everything done and I still have time. So I thought I would just walk/jog around the house until he got home.

So I make this great path. Circle around the family room, go through the kitchen, then the living room, back to the family room. Then I did it again and again. Remember the dogs are still with me.  After some time, Bentley, our more regal one, decides he's done with the foolishness and heads for his bed. Frankly I think he's just out of shape....Hummm maybe he needs some more walks!! But Beemer, he's a trooper, he's still with me. So on we go!!

Now my hubby is due home at 8:00pm. So the loop to the living room tended to be a little more dramatic as each time I went to my chair, my poor little doggy thought we were going to wait for his daddy. So up the chair he went. He'd get up there and look at me excitedly and with anticipation, that this is the moment that we will wait. NOPE onward we walked.....Every time I approached the chair I had to do a little acrobatic move so I could peak around enough to see if his truck was in the drive way. It was not there. Over and over I did this. Remember I'm pledging to walk until he gets there.....At 8:20 I finally call him to see what was going on. He said he was delayed at work. I told him what Beemer and I were doing and he just laughs and then he lets me know that he needs gas and will be home soon.

Well.....I did say I would keep at it until he got home and I did. Poor Beemer.....That little dog is a trouper. Anyway, we made our final loop and the truck was finally in the driveway. I made a whoop and we went to the door. Of course, Bentley made his grand entrance, acting like he's been with  us the whole time ~ the quitter!!!

Once my hubby is in the house and we are all settled down...well except Beemer, he's a bundle of nerves by now, it took some time to calm him down. Poor thing. Anyway....all is well in the house and I go plug in my Bodybugg to see the final total of steps for the day and it was 11614!! Woo hoo we made it!!!

Stats for yesterday:

Exercise: 30 minute on the bike
Steps: 11614
Calories: 1564
Food tracking: done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: done

I guess I can make this happen......How about you? Are you reaching your goals?

Keep focused!


  1. I was laughing at the mental image I got of you and the dogs and the water bottle. My dog probably would have just had a stroke! I'm proud of you for doing what had to be done and not giving up or giving in.

  2. This is hysterical Joy!!! I needed a good dose of laughter for the day...thanks. I wish I could have been there to see all that. You're too funny and I just love you.

    Great job...keep it up!!!

  3. I think that is the sweetest thing ever! your a good wife! yay on the steps!

  4. You made me laugh too! I've done it before also, except for the lighting of candles etc., but I do agree, I like to have the house looking good when DH arrives home (my mom gave me that advice when I got married). And DH appreciates it - I even did it when the kiddos were little - made sure they were clean & hair combed etc. before "daddy" came home. Most times it was accomplished! And it added to their excitement of "daddy coming home!"