Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1

This is day one of my plan. I have been planning for this day for a couple of weeks. I was hoping to start off fully prepared and ready to go. As I usually do, I'm not ready. Even with my best intentions, I'm not where I want to be. Once again, I could not even get myself fully prepared to get started. I have some things in place, but I'm really not mentally ready to tackle this goal.  Normally I would blow off my "big" plan and wait for the next opportunity...You know Monday's are always a great day to start. Or I will start on May 1st, I may need a little more time to prepare! What if I start when purple pigs are flying across the moon. That sounds nice!! See for me, I can make up the best excuses ever!!!

Well not today...Prepared or not, I'm starting!!

I have my goal in sight.....

I have my food journal....

I have my blog.....

I have an exercise plan.....sort of

Things left to do....

Get a solid meal plan....

Get my charts and graphs done - Kind of comical that I need this stuff!

Get my head in the game!!!!

Ready or not.....I'm starting my "7 Month Focus plan" today!!!

Do you know how frightened I am announcing this? You have no idea....Can I just say, I have a tremendous stomach ache and diarrhea as we speak. (Sorry I hope you were not eating your breakfast!!)

Anyway, does not matter. I'm on it!!!

So far I was up at 5:30am, got in 40 minutes on my treadmill, I've had my healthy breakfast, I've read my Bible and I'm writing to you....all by 7:15am. It's a great start for the day!!
How about you? Are you ready to set a goal and reach it?

Keep focused!!


  1. Can't wait to watch you SUCCEED!

  2. Sometimes you gotta just take that first step! Way to go for charging forward... Just do it!! :) You are worth it girl!!


  3. As a matter of fact I am. You'll have to read my blog once I finish today's post. I too am announcing a big goal. Yikes!!!

    I'm proud of you girl. We can do this!!! So why don't we!?!

    I just realized that we're about the same funny!

    Here's wishing you a wonderful day and I sure hope you start feeling better. I'll have you in my prayers.

    Love & Blessings!!!

  4. Baby steps... anything you do today that is better than yesterday is a step towards better health. It's hard to be patient.

    I think you are awesome for starting something even though you don't think you have it all together, yet.

    Did you enjoy your healthy breakfast? Did it feel good to move/exercise?

    You can do this! (and sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back ... that's okay)

  5. You wouldn't be planning to reach goal weight in 7 months per chance? Because that's about when I expect to reach goal. Here's to both of us...