Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 27 - 7 Month Focus

Not sure why I'm going through this....but I have really struggled with low fatigue and depression. I am still able to function, but I can feel this dark cloud, looming, just on the edges. (If you know what I mean?) I have also noticed that I have been swinging from the lows to the highs and back again, quite often. When I was in a high peak, I did something that really helped me during this past low time. This is what I did.

On a good (high) day, I created a letter to myself. I left a copy of it on my home and work computer. Because somewhere in my beady little brain, I knew I would be low again. So this letter, is a pep talk to myself.

It kind of goes like this......If you are reading this letter, you must be feeling low.....Then I start talking about all of the things I need to do to stay on track.

Surrender your life to the Lord

o Pray daily on your knees
o Pray the Lord’s Prayer
o Pray your Armor on!
o Pray continually through the day for His strength and guidance

Remember your health and weight loss plan
o Exercise daily (at least walk a ½ hr) – weights 2-3 times a week
o Calories should be at 1600 average per week
o Water intake should be 102 oz
o Journal food

Attitude (If in a funk)
o Turn on praise music

Blog daily – Even if it’s ugly!

Surround yourself with positive people

Do something nice for yourself
o Pedicure
o Manicure
o Get your hair done
o Visits someone
o Read a book
o Craft
o Give to others

Read Inspirational Messages

The more you surrender to the Lord, the easier the scary stuff seems and the more you get done!

Then I have my 7 Month Focus plan listed, as well as other inspirational things that I have found.

Yesterday, I was pretty low and thankfully I remembered to look at this list. And you know what? It lifted my spirits and really helped me turn my day around!! IT WORKED!!!!

The other part of this is....I set my calender to revisit this list every month ~ it helps me keep on task and keep reaching for my goals. And all through the month, I'm adding new things I come across.

It's kind of like more storage for my brain. So when it's not working too well or I'm confused or stressed or whatever, I can go some place that shows me my plan, reminds me of my goals and helps me work out how to get out of my funk.

Do you have a fall back plan when you are in trouble?

Keep focused!!!


  1. So So true! I have been trying to pray more and praise more when I am feeling low, unworthy, and or scared.

  2. I love that idea. I have low times too. I'm going to try that.

  3. Thats a wonderful idea! I have my moments where I can feel it coming im definetly gonna try this

  4. What a good idea. Hope today is better.

  5. I would suggest one addition to your letter to yourself: Include and celebrate how far you have come on your healthy journey, Joy! Like maybe mention something you can do now that only 6 months before you could not. You have come a long way! I love the idea of this letter to yourself. Toot your horn, Joy!!

  6. What a good idea and I think I need to do this too. I think it's important to be able to look back and see how far you've come. It's a reminder of what you can do, a reminder that you did it, and motivation to stick to it!
    By the way, you won my little Tea Give-away, so email me with your mailing address and I'll send it off to you!