Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 21 - 7 Month Focus

Totally rocked it yesterday!!! Activity level at 2863 - calories at 1734 = 1129 deficit!! Got all my water in, exercised, Blogged, journaled my food and got in 7827 steps.

The only goal I did not make was my number of steps. But for me....that's OK, because I had an awesome time at my stability ball class last night!!!!

Last year I went to this class a couple of times. They use a stability ball and weights to help strengthen and build core muscles and they pretty much try to kill you!! It's a tough class for a beginner for sure. My first class, I could barely do anything, let alone balance on the ball. I was all over the place and left feeling really defeated. I can't remember why I quit going ~ probably because it was too hard for me and I did not want to push through.

The other day, my trainer advised me to step it up and go to a class. I was not really paying attention to what class it was, she just said, "I want you to take the class on Wednesday night." So I said, "OK!"

When I got there and saw the instructor, I realized what class this was....It was the dreaded...killer...stability ball class!! At this point, my usual attitude would be to go in already defeated. But I decided that I was not going to do that this time. Besides, I'm not the same woman I was last year!! I am in shape and a lot stronger!

So we get going.....and right off the bat, the instructor comments on how much stronger I am then last year. Well that just fueled the fire and I really got into the class. I could do everything and only struggled a little bit with some of the moves.

The best part was. Last year she had us do a move, that I could not even attempt. It's where you put your hands on the floor and you balance, on the stability ball, on your shins. Could not even do that last year. This year...I could do it with no problem. Last night I found out that that was level one. Then she showed us level two. Same thing...hands on floor, shins on the ball, balance....then you raise yourself up onto your toes. Think it's easy? Try it!! Well I did and I can do it. Many times.


Level three. Once again, hands on floor, shins on the ball, balance and then you raise one leg in the air. You do all this without falling off of the ball. And I did it!!


This was my first class in over a year. The instructor kept saying, it can take months to do these things. I was feeling kind of like a show off, because I got it on my first try!!

That's what dedication to health and fitness gets you! All my hard work is paying off!

I have to tell you...I feel great!!

Another belief barrier gone!!! I am a lot stronger than I think and I can do what I thought was impossible!!

How about you? Are you pushing yourself to your best?

Keep focused!


  1. Way to go Joy!!! I've tried these moves and know how hard they are. I can't do them, but thanks to you am inspired that my time is coming!!! Keep it up my friend. You're such an inspiration!

    Love and hugs!!!

  2. Great job! And that sounds like an awesome class!

  3. Thats so great! Good for you! Sounds like agreat class!