Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 11 - 7 Month Focus

Can't believe 10 days have gone by already ~ Time is flying!!  I had a pretty good day yesterday, very restful! I did get on the Treadmill for an hour, calories were 1660, water, food journal and Blog done! Missed my steps - only got to 4940 steps for the day. I'm OK with that!

The focus for today is ~ Do Your Best!

I am always looking for perfection. I get so down on myself when I can't achieve it. Well nobody can! Today, I'm going to do my best! I'm going to be the best employee, the Best daughter, Mother, Baboo (as my Grandkids call me), I'll be the best student with my trainer, the Best wife to my hubby and I'm going to be the Best person to myself. I am going to reach for my goals and make them happen. I'm giving today my Best!!

How about you? Will you give this day your Best?

Keep focused!!


  1. sounds like a great plan! have the bestest day ever!

  2. HI, Joy,
    Yep, I am in that same club, being too hard on myself. You can do it though. Michele

  3. wow joy! great plan. Good job. I like your "7 month focus". looks like it's working.