Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 9 - 7 Month Focus

Having some fun with my 7 Month Focus. It's really  hard to focus...but very rewarding if you keep at it!! I get all the math that comes into losing weight. I get it, but my imperfect self wants to rebel a little bit. Which can be frustrating when you hit 5 of  your 6 Most Important things that need to be done. Unforutnately I keep missing one ~ And it's the most important one. Calories!

Up again yesterday. My goal is 1700 calorie intake. I came in at 2049. For the most part, I made really good choices, except for one and that one pushed me over the edge! Yesterday we had a little bridal shower for this gal at my work. And one of the wonderful bakers, in our office, brought in these amazing cupcakes. Fortunately it was early in the day, so I figured in a cupcake into my calories for the day. All went well, I got past the cupcake incident and then lunch time...I'm doing good...And then I go into the Cafe again and there they are. Beckoning me! More amazing cupcakes!! I think I even saw some flashing lights and arrows pointing to the delicious goodness. I may have even heard tiny voices saying, "Pick me, pick me"! OK that's not real....or was it?

A.N.Y.W.A.Y....I lost my brain and had another one for my afternoon snack! Augh!

Then my sweet hubby cooked an amazing meal, that I also could not pass up. Not too high in calorie and if I would not have had the extra cupcake, I could have had the meal without any problems and still made my goal. But I did not!! I missed it by that much!!!


Other stats....I got in my water and then some, I tracked my food, I Blogged, I exercised and got in 14278 steps. Plus I had a great attitude yesterday! Bonus!! Even though my calories where out of line, with the extra exercise I did, I still had a calorie deficit of 953. Can't beat that!!

Last night I went to give blood for the American Red Cross. The intake technician who got me signed in was very, very heavy! I think her name was Stacie. Anyway, as I was sitting with her, she was sweating (the room was very cool), and she emitted a familiar smell that made me want to cry. It's that smell that you get, when the folds of your fat are infected with rashy, open sores. I've had that happen to me many times. For me, it was because I did not clean myself well enough and those areas were a great place for bacteria to do its thing. I remember one of the last times that happened to me, it was on Christmas Eve just before I started my health and fitness journey. I was so depressed!!! Here I wanted a day where I did not have to think about me being so fat and I had a lovely reminder the entire day, that not only was I fat, but so fat, that I could not clean myself properly. I felt like everyone could smell it and would know my ugly secret!

Anyway, back to Stacie. She was taking my blood pressure and it came out at 127/77, which for me is awesome!! Stacie let me know that she too had high blood pressure and she was on a low dose of medicine to control it. I told her that I too was medicated and I've been trying for the past 1 & 1/2 years to lose weight and get fit so I could get off of the meds. She let me know that she recently had dropped about 12 pounds. I congratulated her, as I know how hard it can be to lose weight. She said, that she had to lose weight as she was 5 months pregnant with gestational diabetes.

Poor thing!! Here she was already really large and pregnant too. She was so large, she did not move very fast. She totally did not feel could see it in her eyes.

Please pray for Stacie!!! Pray for a healthy birth...pray Stacie will work on her health and get fit and raise her family in a healthy and fit home. I hate that she is experiencing this wonderful time of new life and she is in such poor health! Please pray!!

How about you? Are you doing every thing you can to reach your goals?

Keep focused!


  1. So you ate a cupcake, and you know that wasn't a good thing. Learn the lesson and move on, don't dwell on it.

    Plus you got a reminder of what life used to be to help you stay on track.

    I hope you can keep in touch with Stacie and help her on her journey. She will need it.

  2. Joy, just wanted to congratulate you on your steps. As a walker/hiker who has tracked steps with a pedometer for five years now, I know that 14,000+ steps is quite an accomplishment and involves some concentrated walking. Keep up the great work and soon that pedometer will be as much a part of your body as your left arm is!! Sharon

    P.S. Don't worry about the cupcakes - let it go!