Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 10 - 7 Month Focus

Have you ever had days where nothing works out quite like you had planned? I know I've had many....and I just had another one yesterday.

I woke up out of time!!!

First thing right off the bat, I was late! Got up too late to get my workout done. Was rushed to get ready and ran out of the door without my Body Bugg. Oh that really bummed me out!  It's the first time I'd forgotten it since December. So already, the hopes of tracking my activity and steps was out the door. I did not get back to it until after 4:00pm. In the mean time....Because I was late, and really tired, I forgot my water bottle. So I only got in 50 oz of water instead of 100 oz. I did get my Blog done, recorded my food and good news ~ I did reach my calorie goal ~ I came in at 1622. Whew!

So far, I am pretty pleased with my 7 Month challenge. Eleven days ago, I had no idea, really, what I was getting done. I was really inconsistent in what I was doing. Could not quite get all of the pieces of my plan together. Since I started my challenge, I have had 3 days with all my goals reached. The rest of the time, I got the majority of things accomplished. (Yesterday - not so much!) Over all, I did OK. At least I was focused!

Now for the next week.....I hope to increase my focus and accomplish more! Seems anytime I start something new, it takes me some time to get in the groove of it all. I can't be too hard on myself for what happened last week.'s over now, I can't do anything about it anyway. The only thing I can do, from this moment forward is to.......

ReFOCUS!! Push through the hard stuff and MAKE SOME STUFF HAPPEN!!!
How about you? Are you with me!! Lets get this done!!



  1. Perfect outlook! Just keep going you are doing great especially keepin such good focus after a hard day!

  2. Planning certainly makes things easier, but know you know you can still do the right thing under pressure.

  3. There is so much going on with my job and personal life right now, that I really do have a hard time focusing. I've become a chronic list maker. That seems to help....a little. :)