Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 24 - 7 Month Focus

Still recovering from my fall. Feel like a freight train ran over me twice! My body is so sore! Still reeling from my Wednesday night stability ball class and then the fall. Just too much for this old body! Yesterday I found more booboos while in the shower. Yikes they hurt. Today they are forming scabs, so you can see them!! My right hand has 4 road rashes in a perfect line, all about the size of a dime. Nice! The other sores are small. Geez!

Random stuff....

1.) I think it's good....real good to reread your blog. Yesterday I did that and found some revealing things. One....I am progressing.....BUT....Last year my calories were under 1600 and I got great results. This year, I'm focusing on 1700 calories...why?   Crickets Chirping!!!! I guess I will be modifying my 7 Month Focus to 1600 calories instead of 1700. It worked then, it will work now!

2.) When shopping with my daughter the other day, at Nordstrom Rack - was there! Can't believe it. Anyway, I saw this awesome jacket and tried it on. It totally fit, I can zip it and it looks great. Now I don't get how these new fangled stores work, so I did not realize that I was in the "JUNIOR" section!!!! I fit in a junior XL! Woo hoo!!!

3.) I'm home alone on Easter. I'm OK with that....kind of weird though!

4.) Yesterday it was warm and sunny...beautiful 70 degree day.'s cold and rainy. Is there somebody sitting on the crummy Easter weather button? How come every Easter it has to rain?

5.) My computer crashed yesterday and it looked like I lost my hard drive. It's OK today - thankfully!! I am now aware that I am really attached to this thing. Geez!!

6.) My heart is hurting today for some of my blog friends. I see so much hope and desire to get the weight off and they are stuck. I wish I could really help in some way.......I have struggled too...I know what it feels like....Such a crappy place to be. Friends.....KEEP FIGHTING and MOVING FORWARD!!!

7.) Going to my writer's workshop tomorrow with a new friend. Can't wait.....sick to my stomach....excited.....scared to death....diarrhea (why does this happen to me?)....anticipating.....hopeful....curious....expectant...........exhilarated!!!!

8.) Really want to join a row team. Too scared just yet. I've Googled the info.....I have the info sheet in my bag.....I don't have the money  (it costs $160).....Well I do have the money, but I don' you get that? Fraidy cat me!

9.) So in love with my hubby. He's working today....It's Easter....I miss him!

10.) Can't wait to plant flowers in my yard. Too cold yet. Had frost last week. Is spring coming?

11.) Still super focused on my challenge. Funny life throws stuff at you to bump you off.....But I just keep getting back to it. Thank goodness!!

12.) I so love my kids and grand kids. They bring so much joy to my life

13.) Finally, I am grateful to the Lord for all He's given me. I am thankful for what He did on the cross for me. He died for my sins. I can't even imagine that kind of love! I am truly Blessed!!

Happy Easter my friends!!

Keep focused!


  1. Happy second day of Easter, Joy! In the Netherlands (where my hubby is from) they have two days of Easter.

    Love the fact that you bought that item this time!! Sign up for that rowing gig. Think of all the wonderful new friends you will make. Your life will be richer for it, too. Guaranteed!

  2. U should really do rowing! I challenge u! sign ups! :)

  3. Happy Easter to you! Hope you enjoy the writing workshop :)