Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 28 - 7 Month Focus

I am calling today my Turning Point Day. Last time I said that, I ended up having what we first thought was a stroke. After many tests and doctors visits, I was finally diagnosed with Hemi Facial Spasms. Not as serious as having a stroke, but life changing anyway. That whole incident got me started on my weight loss and fitness journey.

I am writing this to encourage anyone out there who is struggling with setbacks. I have found over this past year and almost a half, that each and every setback that I encountered just set me up for the next level of my journey.

Example ~ I had my first facial spasm and the first thing doctors start talking about is weight loss. At the time, they did not know what I had, but if I did have a stroke, being overweight and unhealthy was not helping me. To reduce the chances of having another one, they wanted the weight off. Well I did not have a stroke, but it scared me enough to get this done.

Another example ~ I had 4 over use exercise injuries this past year. Bummer? Yes!! And very time consuming (doctors visits and physical therapy) and expensive! But if I did not get the first one, I probably would not have gotten my trainer, who because of how she helps me, I am still on my journey. Without her prodding, pushing, challenging and giving me the "Jillian" look, I most likely would have quit many months ago. SHE IS AWESOME!!!

Maybe just one more example ~ If this journey was and I got my weight off in a nano second, without my troubles, depression, setbacks, disappointments and all I have struggled with during this time, then when the tough stuff happens, and it will, I would not know how to or be able to cope. Because of what I have experienced, I have learned so many things that have helped me get through these difficult times without turning back to food and without abandoning my plan. I'm still here, fighting through, and getting closer to my goals everyday.

So don't be discouraged if you are experiencing a setback. Embrace it.....learn from it.....and keep pushing through. Don't let ANYTHING stop you!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Yesterday, things got a little out of control, too busy, tiring, out of my comfort zone and crazy! I actually took a slice (a small one) of cake and went to my desk with a steaming cup of coffee. I was going to enjoy me some sugar!! Anyway, I took one bit and the cake was dry. Thank goodness. In the trash it went!! Anyway, what was I thinking? I don't need cake!

Missed the mark on my focus goals yesterday....not enough water, too many calories (not a ton, but more than I want) and I missed my steps.

Today is a new day, my turning point day and I will focus!!!

How about you? Is this YOUR turning point day?

Keep focused!


  1. I love this post! You keep going on! Lil miss motivation you are!

  2. I am trying to teach myself that every step of this journey is important. I may not (probably won't) like it or understand why at the time, but in the end it will be worth it.

  3. Spoken from a true survivor!!! Not just for what you've overcome physically, but for not giving matter what!!! I love this post because it's been my experience as well. When I read things like this, I know the person who wrote it REALLY GETS IT!!! You do and you ARE going to finish. I just know it.

    I love you my sweet friend!!!