Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 7 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was tough! Got a lot of curve balls thrown my way ~ it was crazy!!! Life happened!!!

At the end of the day this happened...
Received a call that my sweet Sister In Law, who has been battling brain cancer for over a year, found out that the cancer is back. It's in a different place and embedded deep into her brain. It is inoperable and she has 4 to 6 months to live. She's in her late 40's, married with 2 teen aged boys. She is an Oncology nurse who has a heart of gold and a passion to help others. Our family is devastated and in shock! We are praying for a miracle as this world needs her and so do we!! For those who pray...please pray for a complete healing for Tracy.

During the middle of the day this happened...
I was totally Blessed by my employer who offered everyone in the company a 15 minute chair massage. I have never had any kind of massage before, so I was really excited. A new thing has come to my mind that I realize I do to myself. Whenever there is something good for me, a Blessing to be had, my body reacts with stomach cramps and diarrhea. I don't know why I can't allow myself some fun and indulgence without going through all of this pain to get there. Anyway, I will be exploring this matter latter. So I finally get my chance to go get my massage and the first thing I do is talk. Talk talk talk talk talk. Another thing I do, is I feel it is my duty to make everybody else comfortable and entertained. Finally, I had a thought that this was my treat and I was going to shut up and enjoy it....Which I did. It was fabulous. I think I am going to have her do a 1/2 spa day with me on my 50th birthday. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful treat?

This is what happened first thing in the morning....
So I walk into our cafe at my work and there on the table was a plate of my most favorite cookies in the whole world (No Bakes). And the person who made them is a fabulous baker, so that makes them all the better!! Anyway, I walk in and the first thing that happens, is I am going right toward the cookies. I was going to eat one. Thankfully my good senses kicked in and and I made an about face and went back to my office. On the way back, I was really disappointed that I could not have this treat. My mind was totally trying to re-figure my daily food intake, so I could finagle a cookie in there somewhere. I thought to myself, if they were still there by mid morning, I would do it....I would have my cookie.....

In the mean time, a gal who works for a upscale clothing store, walked around handing out sale brochures to all of the ladies in the office. All the ladies, however, who are small enough to wear to the clothes in the clothing store. With that slap on the face, I realized I would not be welcomed in that store. I'm still too big.

After that happened, it was a huge reminder of why I could not have that cookie. Eating stuff like that will not help me be the woman I want to be and it certainly won't get me an invite to a skinny girl clothing store.  Thankfully when I went back to the cafe....all the cookies were gone, so my problem was solved!!

Last night before receiving the news of my Sister In Law, I was down 4000 steps, with only hours left to go. Instead of eating my way through my sorrow, my hubby and I took our dogs for a walk. This morning I checked and I clocked in 9396 steps. Not bad under the circumstances!  I ended up 69 calories over my calorie goal, I got in all of my water and exercise and I blogged and recorded my food.

Over all and despite what happened during the day, I think I did pretty well.

How about you....Are you still trying to hit your plan....even when life happens?

Keep focused!!!


  1. Your sister-in-law and entire family will be in my prayers.
    Hang in there.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear such devastating news Joy. I will be praying.

    I had to chuckle about you in the chair and feeling the need to talk and entertain everyone. I'm the same exact way, but have been working very hard to not do this anymore. Being quiet is a good thing! I'm so glad you enjoyed your day.

    Keep up the great work. You ARE doing it!!!

    Love you!!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. That is such awful news :-( I am keeping your sister-in-law and your entire family in my prayers.

  4. Oh Joy, I am so sorry you got this news. I have already agreed with you in prayer.

    I know the pain of such news. Just yesterday I got word my niece's husband is in the hospital with brain cancer, in the frontal lobe.

    We will both be asking for miracles.