Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22 - 7 Month Focus

Things are really starting to happen now. People are talking again! When I first started losing weight, people noticed and made comments. Then I think they got used to my new look. And then there was a time when I went through the plateau where things stayed the same. Now... my clothes are getting baggy again and my looks are changing. Even when I look in the mirror, I don't recognize who I see. So weird!!!!

I had a great day yesterday, I exercised, Blogged, drank my water, journalled my food and Blogged. Don't know about my steps or activity, as my Bodybugg ran out of battery. Geez I look at it every day and should have noticed, but did not. Bummer, because I was all over the place yesterday. Oh, well, my body does not know that the steps and activity were not counted. It's still in great working order!

Went to Applebees last night for dinner. I had their Teriyaki Chicken (under 550 calories). While we there, I noticed this family come in. The mom was really over weight and she had 2 small children who were over weight as well. I have never seen this before, but the woman ordered a dark cola, have to think it was Coke or Root could have been a diet...anyway...she put 2 packets of sugar in the drink. Oh my goodness!! Then I noticed the girls. They both were served blue sugary drinks and had chicken nuggets with fries. Made me want to cry.

Mostly because I was there at one time. I ordered junk for my kids, thinking I was showing them love. I remember thinking what a great mom I was, because I treated my kids to fast foods and other unhealthy foods and sweets. I wish I knew then what I know now. Fortunately I get a second chance with my grand babies. So far, I have not once, been tempted to enter a fast food restaurant with the girls and it's been 3 years now. I hope I don't ever do that to them!!! (I know you can make healthy choices there, but I don't think I would be able to deny them, once we were there - just best not to go!!)

I don't want to show my love with food. However, I'm still kind of doing that at the holidays. Easter for one! For my kids, I gave them gift cards to restaurants and candy. See I'm still trying to show love with food. Dooiinnnnggg!!!! I get it, I'm still doing it. Fortunately for the grand babies, I gave little toys and put my time into making them little stuffed bunnies and matching tote bags. Can't wait for them to see them. I'm learning!!!

Well.......this post has been most enlightening. First I wanted to blast the mom I saw last night for showing her love with food (and contributing to her kids obesity) and here I am....I am that same mom! Instead of blasting her, I'm praying she will see what she's doing and make changes in all their lives!! For me.....I'm going to blast myself a bit and then.....I'm going to change how I show love!!!

I will be rethinking the holidays in the future. I am going to find other ways to tell my kids, hubby, family, and friends that I love them. Maybe instead of food and sweets, maybe I will give them my time!!

Just a thought!

How do you share love to others?

Keep focused!


  1. When I started my journey I read up on the things in fast food and the problems with them.I about lost it when I looked over at my lil guy he is by no means chunky but the fact that I fed him junk like that broke my heart.Now if he wants chicken nuggets mommy makes them and baked home fries.McDonalds went bye bye.
    Good for you for making such good changes!

  2. I've recognized in myself that I show love with food too. My whole family is coming over for a meal after church on Sunday. When I first started planning, I tried to think of everyone's favorite dish to have. I realized what I was doing and started planning a healthy meal with food from our garden. I think that shows more love,

  3. Love this post, Joy! First congratulations on getting "looks" and compliments again. Awesome and way to go. Second, I agree with everything you said about that mom. Love is more than through food. Happy Easter!

  4. This is a great post, Joy! Looking at it from another perspective, tomorrow, I am the child who would give ANYTHING if MIL (where we'll have Easter dinner) would STOP showing her love with food I no longer want and then pouts when I don't eat it or take only a small portion.

    Your name makes me smile as I anticipate celebrating the day that is all about JOY!! Happy Easter!