Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 2 - 7 Month Focus

First of all - Thank you so much for your love and support. I really appreciate it!! It helps propel me to move forward!! I am grateful for you!!!

Day 1 of my 7 Month Focus plan was AWESOME!!! For some reason, something inside me kicked in. It was like all the pieces of everything came together. The clouds parted if you know what I mean? Anyway, it was a great day!!!  

I was able to get my chart done for tracking. I decided that I would focus on my 6 Most Important Things I need to do daily, that will help me achieve my goals.

1.) Exercise (Cardio and/or Weights)
2.) 10,000 Steps
3.) Calories - At or under 1700
4.) Food Journal / Record information into my Body Bugg
5.) Consume 100 oz of water
6.) Blog

My thinking is I can only focus on so many things. I decided that the 6 items I selected are things that I can really accomplish in a day. And if I do them, I will success and achieve my goals!!

Yesterday I hit all of my goals and then some!! Not only did I walk over 2 miles yesterday morning, but I also added some more. After work I plugged my Body Bugg in to see how many steps I had taken. It said around 6000. I immediately went to my hubby and said we need to go walk, I've got some steps to make up. In my mind, (which was still a little fuzzy yesterday), I thought I need to make up 6000 more steps to make my 10,000 steps for the day. Well 6 and 6 makes 12 not 10. Don't know what I was thinking!! Anyway we set out with a Pedometer on my hip, I wanted to see how far it would take to get in 6000 steps. So we set off. We walked and walked. When we finally got home after 4+ miles, I plugged my Bugg in and found we hit 16136 steps for the day. EXTRA CREDIT!!!!

Don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I got it done!!

Yesterday was a great success and I'm off to a great start today!!

One thing I want to share. I noticed that it does take a lot of effort to make these goals happen. With so much effort going out, the last thing I wanted to do was cheat with anything!!! There was some candy in the house, my FAVORITE!!. But I was not going to mess up my perfect day for candy. NO WAY!!! Besides, with all of the exercise, good food and water. I was not hungry for it. AMAZING!!!

Well that's my nugget for the day.

Are you giving your plan your all? Lets do it today!!

Keep focused!!!!


  1. Way to go, Joy! I love how you're focusing on just 6 things. I'm so proud of you for saying no to the candy - you are on your way!!

  2. Good for you on not wanting the candy. Sometimes even my favorite candy is meaningless to me and sometimes it tortures me. I guess that means I'm human and still on the journey.

    Good luck on keeping all six goals!

  3. What a great day Joy! fantastic job. Keep up the good work.

  4. Great job my friend. Keep up the good work. We're getting oh so close to that magic number. Woohoo!!!

    Love you!!!

  5. What strength and courage you have! You can do hard things, girl!!! What awesome goals. I am rootin' for ya. :)


  6. Good on you for getting those extra steps in!!

    I'm trying to hit a lot of steps on a daily basis so it's always good to see other people getting a good amount of steps in each day too!

    Keep it up!