Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6 - 7 Month Focus

Tougher day yesterday. Was really hungry!!! Went over 296 calories on my goal ~ which bums me out. At least they were healthy calories and not junk!!

On with the positive. Accomplished 11060 steps, exercised, drank all of my water, tracked my food and blogged. I hit 5 of my 6  Most Important Things. I feel good about that!!

Also, my body feels really good, well not the sore muscles, but everything else. My pants are getting really baggy!! Got to love that!

Speaking of sore muscles. While watching The Biggest Loser last night, I heard something that I had not thought of before. One of the contestants (can remember his name) got an injury. The medic said, that he should keep "moving"! Do what you can. Wow...every time I get an injury or experience pain, I want to STOP!! Sometimes those stop times turn into years! I can't do that ever again! This morning my body is really sore and I have a hitch in my hip. But that did not stop me. I still got on the Treadmill and put my time in. I went at a slower pace and I reached my calorie loss goal, it took longer, but I got it. So I moved slower...big deal. I got the job done!! The most important point is....that I MOVED!!

On a sad note. I had a Mammogram yesterday. (I just hate that test) Anyway, the technician was the same one I had last year. She had written down that I had lost over 20 some pounds at this time last year and wanted to know how I was doing this year. So I told her that I was down 59 pounds. As I was telling her my story, I noticed that she too had dropped some pounds. So I asked her what she was doing. She told me, that last year, she was diagnosed with "Pre" Diabetes. Her doctor told her she needed to lose weight to possibly ward off the onset of this disease. Well she did not listen and a couple of months ago, she got bad news. She now has Diabetes.

She said that she is so frustrated with herself. She was pre-warned, she knew she needed to do this, but didn't. Now she's suffering the consequences of her poor decision to stay fat. NOW she is motivated and determined to beat it and reverse the damage that she has done.  

Let's not wait for a devastating ailment to motivate us to do the right thing. Lets do it now!! Are you with me?

Keep focused!


  1. Great job! You are really moving! 10,000 steps is 5 miles, so you moved MORE than 5 miles yesterday! That is great!
    Don't be too hard on yourself about going over calories occasionally...since you are moving more, your body may have Needed those calories, and like you said it was healthy calories, not junk!

  2. You ARE doing awesome! Truly. It's like you've gained strength through all those frustrating times and emotions you've had. Funny... I had a mammogram this week too... since we live in the same city, it may have been at the same place. So sad for that technician... we really need to tackle our health issues sooner than later!! So true. You are an inspiration and true Joy, JOY!!!!

    God Bless! And keep focussed because Life is Good! ;)

  3. Great reminder that this is all about good health.

  4. I'm so with you!!! Diabetes runs rampant on both sides of my family. It finally hit me that if I didn't do something about it, I too would be facing this in my life. That's one of the main reasons I started this journey 10 months ago.

    I'm so proud of you Joy. You really are doing great. And even besides that, you're such a motivator. Thank you for being there for me. We really can do this!!!

    Love & hugs!!!

  5. HI, Joy!
    I am slowly getting back and reconnecting with my blogger friends. I will resume posting in the next couple of days. I like your idea about a seven-month focus. I did not read back to see what motivated you to the seven month focus, but I will. I, too, am finding it hard to focus after so many months. During my hiatus from blogging I have come to realize the need for greater discipline and focus. I will keep your friend in mind. I hope this does not become life threatening for her. Gestational diabetes is serious. Take care, Joy and I will be back. Michele