Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 12 - 7 Month Focus

On the way into the gym yesterday, I over heard a mom and son talk about his swim lessons and about the next thing they had to do on the list. She was over weight and he was slightly overweight. I heard her tell him, "Sorry, we can't go home right now, we have to go to....." Then she said, "We will just pick some fast food up to eat." Then he said, "Ah....again....Mom I want something healthy!"  Wow! I remember being that busy mom, always rushed and on the go! I remember one time I told my kids that were were going to McDonald's for dinner. I thought it was a treat! Then my son pipes up and says, "Mom I just want vegetables!!" I about fell off of my chair. I thought, "Who is this kid?" Little did I know then that we really need a good healthy balance of food, real food that is healthy, to help us feel good. My son knew that and he was little! Thank goodness I'm learning this truth now!!

I had a blast with my trainer last night. First thing she says is, "I'm going to kill you tonight ~ you aren't going to like me!" I simply looked her in the eye and said, "Bring it on!!" Got on the Elliptical and did 15 minute intervals of regular and super fast speed. Then she had me doing walking lunges with 10 pound weights. Do a lunge...lift the weight. I am sure she was ready for me to fall all over the place as I have not been the most coordinated person lately. Nope I lunged and lifted like a pro. Only wobbled a couple of times. Something kind of happened and I could feel this fluid motion and got into this rhythm. It just helped me do this exercise without any problems. Then we did leg presses. I now press 80 pounds! Lat pull downs at 62.5 pounds, bicep curls at 20 pounds and triceps pulls at 30 pounds. Then we did Scorpions (I can't explain what these are - but it looks really funny when you do them), then planks and push ups. Ended the night with 30 minutes on the Elliptical Bike. The cardio part I burned over 400 calories - no idea how many I burned with the other stuff. I left a sweaty mess, but I felt great!!! I saw her raise an eyebrow a couple of times. I think I'm finally showing her what I've got!!

Yesterday's stats....Overall I burned 2867 calories, took in 1740 (40 calories over my goal), with a deficit of 1127 calories. Besides the gym, I did a half hour on the treadmill in the morning, I logged in my food, drank all of my water and then some, I blogged and got in 12850 steps.

Successful day!!

How about you. Was your day successful ~ Are you working your plan?

Keep focused!


  1. You are rocking it girl! So impressed!

  2. Woo Hoo!Now thats a workout!I would have died your awesome!

  3. I'm right there with you girl. I'm on track with my eating, exercise, water, etc. I'm hoping to get as close to 210 this week as I can.

    You're doing so great, I just wish you lived close by so we could workout together. That would be fun, huh?

    Love you!!!