Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 18 - 7 Month Focus

As I was parking my car in the North Forty (means the farthest space in the parking lot) of the Library parking lot, I saw this woman in her car circling around for a parking space. I quickly parked my car, and walked briskly to the reserved book rack. After searching for some time, I finally found my book and went directly to the automated check out machine. Yeah I know, brave for me, as I usually can't make anything electronic work, especially my own TV. Anyway, I struggled with it for a while and it finally checked me out. I immediately started back in the direction of my car and as I was driving out, I saw that same woman that was circling her car. Apparently she could not find a space close to the Library, so she had to walk a ways to get there. She was walking ever so slowly....she was well over 300 pounds!!!

Not only does being over weight stop you from having fun, doing what you want, wearing the clothes you want, being able to fit in a booth,and many other things, but it also steals your time!

The poor woman, she obviously needed a closer spot, but none were to be found. She circled and circled the whole time I was in the Library only to end up walking anyway. It was good for her, but it stole her time. If she were healthy and fit she could have already been in the Library, found a book and been out the door to do something else. Sadly, her time was spent on just getting to the door.

Everyday I am motivated to keep going with this journey. Even though, most days, things don't go how I like. The point is, I try each day and I do focus. Unfortunately I am seeing a lot of things I still need to change. I am willing to do it!! Please pray for this woman. Unfortunately I don't know her name,  and it does not matter, God knows her. Please pray she will get her health in order. I want her to want to beat me to the farthest spot in the parking lot, instead of circling around to find a close one.

Do what you need to do every day to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Are you with me?

As for my goals for yesterday. Lets just say...I took the day off!

Keep focused!


  1. It may be a little simplistic, but how I start my day is crucial.

    If I start the day eating mindfully instead of compulsively, the rest of the day has a pretty good chance of being successful.

    If I start of the day eating mindfully AND working out, it goes a LONG way to make sure I keep up the momentum of healthy eating.

    I feel for the lady in the car at the never know...maybe she will read your post!

  2. Great post Joy! I love that I can walk and walk and walk now! Have a wonderful focused day!

  3. You are so right: obesity takes our time away not only in lost minutes finding a closer parking spot, but also in a life ending too soon. Great post, Joy! So glad you are staying focused!

  4. I remember those days all too well. Now, I grab a parking spot and think nothing of a a few extra steps.