Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 26 - 7 Month Focus

Feeling a little frustrated with myself. I want to add something new to my life, but I'm not done with what I've got.

Personally, due to my medical condition, I am not someone who can over stress or cause fatigue for myself. So I have to be real careful when adding new things to my life. I went to my first writer's workshop last night and had a blast! It was so fun being in a room full of creative people. Our speaker was an author who has written many books. She came loaded with helpful hints and ideas on how to get started with writing a novel. (You know...I have a novel in my head, but I can't get it out!). Anyway, she gave us some guidelines and information on how to layer the story with the details and how to bring in a finished novel. Fascinating!!!

So now....I'm want to go in that direction. Author here I come!!!!

Well...except.....I am still on my journey to health, fitness and weight loss. Should I really take on a new project at this point in my journey? Can I do both? If I can't do both, can I abandon one for the other? What should I do?

These are questions I need to mull over. In the old days, I would have just plunged in and see what happens. Most of the time, when I did that, I would fail miserably and quit everything. This time, instead of just plunging in and seeing what happens, I want to be careful, measure all the facts and really make sure I can fit something new into my life.

In addition to writing, I would still like to check into rowing.....that would be another thing...However, rowing would be more in line with my health, fitness and weight loss goals. Plus this is something that I can do for the Spring and Summer months and  maybe I can start my writing process in the fall.

No matter what....my first goal and obligation is to myself and getting fit and taking this weight off!! I have to make that happen first!!!

Now that I feel better, I find that I want to do everything and I'm finding it hard to fit it all in! Does that happen to you?

Keep focused!


  1. Writing might be a good outlet for your creative energies - and you wouldn't have to commit to a specific time-frame, would you? I find writing very relaxing - so is scrapbooking & a lot of other hobbies. The issue (for me) is not letting myself get obsessed with any one thing - including health. And taking time for myself might mean writing would be an awesome idea!

  2. Absolutly I feel like I want to do everything at once! But then I get frustrated and quit or lose focus on one over the other.But writing and dieting can be great togeather! U already do it here and you can use your novel writing to help you when you feel upset,or have the munchies it can be a great release for you or distraction when you need one you can focus on it.Do whats best for you to feel good!

  3. Maybe you could get a hand held recorder and dictate your novel as you walk on the treadmill, or something like that.