Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 23 - 7 Month Focus

OK it's 2:00pm on a beautiful Saturday. THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT!!! And I'm still in my PJ's!! I had a nightmare last night that I had written things in my blog about people, thinking they would never read it, so I would be safe to say what I wanted to say. And some of the things I said were not nice (Now, remember, I'm dreaming this!) Anyway, I wake up today in a panic and I find that I need to read my blog from the beginning to see if I really did write bad things about people.

So I start with post  one.....I've been reading for hours! And thankfully I found that I did not write mean things about people. Whew!

I have read blogs where the writer said they reread what they've written on their blogs and found it helpful, fascinating, exciting etc. I have never thought to reread anything I've written on my blog. For me, that's old news, I don't want to go back and rehash anything!

Well I am so thankful for my nightmare, because I really enjoyed rereading my stuff. It's amazing how far I have come. I see a lot of growth. I also read some of this stuff and thought, WOW that was insightful, who wrote that? Well I did. Who knew I could think like that? Some of the posts made me cry. And I laughed many times. Cinnamon bears.....that one got me.

Anyway, so glad for the journey, the growth, the longevity, the friendships, the support and love!! So grateful!!

Yesterday, we had our Easter with my kids and grand kids. We had a wonderful, full day! I planned my food to my calorie mark. I did well, except I did not anticipate the length of time between lunch and dinner. Got too hungry and had extra snacks. I mostly consumed carrots and celery with some dip (just a little) and did have a couple chips and dip, but did well. Because of my extra reading this morning, I did not get the final calorie tally yet, I am sure I was over my calories for the day, but not too much! I did not exercise, except for a walk to the park with the grand babies. Got my water in, journalled my food and don't know about my steps yet.

I was up 1 pound. Makes me crazy......probably the salt!!

Anyway, I'm back to it today. Had a healthy breakfast, no lunch yet. Really, I'm got lost in all this reading and can't believe it is now past 2:00pm.

No exercise today. Unfortunately, while we were walking home from the park, I was carrying my grand baby. And I took a fall with her in my arms. All I knew was I was walking and enjoying my day and the next thing I see if my grand babies head hitting the concrete. I FREAKED OUT!!  I was so concerned for her and her injury, I did not notice my own. Funny thing was, my daughter was not freaking out about her baby, she was all concerned for me. I was so confused. I guess when I fell, I did a good job in protecting the baby. Yeah, she fell and hit her head, but I guess it could have been so much worse. Had I not had the strength, I most likely would have fallen on her. I guess I kind of held onto her until I hit my elbows and then she hit the ground. She got a little bump on the head, cried for a minute and was fine. I did not do so well. I have 5 road rashes on my right hand. My left elbow and knee hurts and has road rash and today my whole body hurts. Who knew at my age I would have skinned up knees and elbows? Needless to say, no exercise for me today. I'm lucky I can walk!

Before the exciting trip to the park and my injuries, my daughter and I went to the clothes store. It was so much fun shopping for the same store. We had a blast!!

How about you? What new with you??

Keep focused!


  1. Oh my gosh how scary! Thats wonderful you were able to protect her I hope you heal up quick!

  2. Drat... So sorry about your fall!! You sound a bit banged up. What a sacrificing grand mom of you to take the fall like you did. I LOVE the sun out today! It's been the best weather these last two days. How fun to go shopping w/ your daughter. That's is the best! Happy Easter Joy!!


  3. Ouch!!! I am reading I had read about your fall, but not the details. Glad you are not hurt worse!